Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashion Friday - Citrus Love

Who's ready for spring??  Oooooh, me, me!!  Honestly, I really do love fall, the layering of clothes, scarves, boots, bonfires, anything pumpkin flavored, soups, etc....but as soon as winter hits (i.e. snow and ice for days and days), and my toes remain frozen for weeks, I start dreaming of sunshine, pina coladas, strappy wedges, and sunglasses 24/7.  Most of all, I love the colors of spring and summer --- turquoise, coral, bright yellow, tangerine, and melon.  LOVE.  They make me so happy :)

So imagine my delight when I start to see the Spring 2011 trends and runways that are absolutely FILLED w/ the colors of my favorite fruits -- citrus everywhere!! 

Can't wait.  :)
Check out these beauties on the Spring 2011 runways, and celebs that are loving the trend.

(1, 23, 4, 5, 6 ) 



bailey said...

loving Cam D in that dress!! Happy Friday!

Tucker said...

LOVE spring!! The bright colors coming out always make me so happy. These are all gorgeous. have a great weekend Emmy!! xox

Roxy Te said...

This bitter cold winter is making me yearn for those spring and summer brights!

Kristen said...

I've got a little spring fever too. Love all the color!

Ramsey said...

Love Spring! NNNEEEEDDD Spring! I can't wait for some warmer weather. It doesn't even need to officially change seasons, because I don't care. I will color it up in February if I have to! This Florida cold (and I assure you, it's acutally been real, official cold) is killing me!

Tay Talk said...

Yes, I can't wait for spring either. LOVE all the color and styles. Makes me want to go shopping!

Last night we were in Target and they had started putting spring items out. The big guy had to take my hand and pull me away from the racks, "Honey, come on, there is still snow on the ground."


A Wedding Story said...

WOW! Cameron's red dress is fierce! I cannot wait for Spring...I've already order myself some navy striped pieces and gold Stella & Dot coin jewelry for the warmer months!

Jenny said...

I am totally with you on all those pretty colors! I love it.

Went shopping the other day with a groupon and it was all gray and black and blah...can't wait for some color!

Meg said...

Oh goodness! Me too! eeeee!! I'm so ready to wear citrus & all the bright colors I adore so much! Lovely post!