Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rainy day


It's a RAINY day here in North Carolina today and I am all cuddled up in the bed, after just returning home from Bible Study.  I'm headed off for a doctor's appointment in a bit, and THEN, I'm so pumped for a day at the SPA!!  A relaxing, rejuvenating, delicious afternoon, ahhhhhhhhhh. 
A facial, a spray tan, and a massage -- all for $20!  Yep, you read that right.  I signed up for an amazing Groupon deal about a month ago for a coupon for $250 worth of spa services for $20.  
Incredible, right???  I know.

Hope you lovelies are having a wonderful Wednesday!!  And hope you are staying dry!!



Candice said...

What?! That's a wonderful deal! Have a lovely time; you deserve it! :)

Meredith! said...

wow i am really jealous of your spa day!! $20 is an amazing deal!!

Anonymous said...

you MUST let me know how it goes!!! and rainy days are the best for that!