Sunday, May 29, 2011

Food swap

I found this great article on, and I just had to share! It gives some great ideas for swapping out several yummy (but fatty) foods, with some healthier options (and just as yummy!).  I plan on trying out some of these "swaps." I'm on a mission this summer to get in better shape and eat healthier (I've already cut out desserts!).    Have you tried any of these foods yet??  Do you have any great healthy foods/snacks that you love??

 Instead of Mexican take-out, try these low-fat Cedar Lane Burritos.  They are just 260 calories and packed with fiber and protein.  Not to mention, delicious!  Buy at Whole Foods.

 If you are a Coke or Diet Coke lover, this is the drink for you: Code Blue.  It's lightly carbonated, low in calories, and is made with natural sweeteners (agave), electrolytes, and antioxidants. Sounds to good to be true!  Buy at The Vitamin Shoppe.

 I LOVE this next food "swap" item: Edemame.  Trade in your celery sticks with these substantial and satisfying veggies.  They are nutritious, delicious, and they require no peeling or chopping!  Keep small bags of frozen edemame in your freezer, pop them in your lunch bag, and they will be ready for snacking when you get to school or work....also they are fun for kids, my nephews love them! :)

 Instead of sweetened yogurt, try non-fat Greek Yogurt.  Sprinkle with cocoa powder or cinnamon to satisfy your sweet tooth, or dress it up with fruit and granola for a delicious and healthy snack.  My hubby lives for this stuff, especially the Chobani brand - his faves are the raspberry and mango!

 Say goodbye to boring (and carb-packed) white rice, and hello to lentils!  It will keep you fuller for longer and is packed with protein and and fiber.  Try this recipe to make a yummy lentil salad!

I have a MAJOR salty tooth, and a sweet tooth, and a savory tooth, and a chocolate tooth, .....(ok, i have lots of teeth!)  I definitely have cravings for pretzels or cheesits, just about every day.  Instead of wasting your calories on your typical salty snack, Pop Chips promise to deliver all the taste, with HALF the fat of regular chips. There are 7 flavors to choose from, and each bag is just 120 calories a serving.  These are a must-try for me!
Buy at Target and other grocery stores.
Happy Sunday! 

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Jenny in Ohio said...

Edamame is awesome! :) These are great tips.