Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shop Ruche

I recently stumbled upon a fabulous online shopping site, Ruche, and fell in love!  Have y'all heard of Ruche or shopped on their site?  It's a wonderful mix of modern and vintage and reminds me A LOT of Anthropologie. 
But the prices are so much more affordable, especially for my current budget.
These are some of my favorite items :)
(Everything shown below is less than $55!) 

Hope you're having a wonderful week!


The Bloodworths said...

Thanks for the new shopping idea! I've been surfing for affordable cute stuff all morning! I miss you!!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

love the bow tops and that yellow dress!

The Epper's said...

Don't you just LOVE Ruche? My wedding photographer actually shoots all of their looks books, they are fabulous! I can't tell you how much money Ruche has taken from me! :)



Jamie said...

I LOVE Ruche! There's always the cutest things :)

I have that grey and orange dress but in brown and yellow and love it!

Lindsay said...

i love love ruche! i really want that grey and orange dress!