Sunday, May 1, 2011

Forever Finds

While in D.C. last week, my mom and I ran into the ginormous (3-story) Forever 21, and we both found a few super cute things!  Right now, I think they have some adorable and trendy items, and lots of fun colors.  A lot of these pieces look just like what some higher end stores are show-casing,
but for a fraction of the cost.

Below are some items I'm currently loving at F21, and those marked with a (*) are the ones I got on our little shopping spree :)







$14.80 *

$6.50 *

$6.50 *





$17.50 *

Any favorites?  Have you found anything you love at Forever 21 lately?


Jamie said...

Cute finds! A 3 story F21?! I bet that was lots of fun :)

Kelly said...

I'm a DC'er and I'm always overwhelmed by that F21! I honestly have to do each floor seperately with seperate dressing room trips because it's so crazy big!

Lindsay said...

gotta love forever 21!! we just got a huge one on king street.