Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

 Did you watch the Royal Wedding?  We were in DC, and I was unable to watch it, but I've been catching clips of it, and browsing the stunning pictures ever since the big event took place.  Kate might be the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.  Simply gorgeous, radiant, and that dress is perfection.  And did you hear that she did her own makeup?!  Impressed.  What all did you think?  Did you like her dress?  The ceremony?  I personally loved that fact that they asked all of the women guests to wear fun!  It kind of makes me want to have another wedding!  :) 

Some of my favorite pics....

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!  We arrived home yesterday from a week in DC, we had an incredible time -- lots of good food and great to come with plenty of pics :)


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Jamie said...

Kate was a BEAUTIFUL bride!

That second to last picture of them in the carriage is one of my faves :)