Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's Color Block

Loving all the bright colors that are slowly starting to appear in stores everywhere!!  I'm especially loving the color-blocking trend -- such a fun and modern way to incorporate bright and bold colors in your outfit. Paired with casual jeans or simple jewelry, these color-blocked items would be the perfect addition to a spring wardrobe!  Enjoy!  XOXO

1. Bally Dress  
2. Miko Tote  
3. Jessica Simpson Heels  
4. Richard Nicoll Tank 
 5. Vionnet Blouse  
6. Tory Burch Scarf  
7. Red Snapper Top 
 8. Pierre Hardy Wedges  
9. Warehouse Tshirt  
10. Alberta Ferretti Dress


Anonymous said...

#7 #9....... all of them..... :)

Anonymous said...

loooooooove all the color! want #4 so bad!

Candice said...

I love this!! What fun colors :) That last dress is super cute!

Kristen said...

love #5 & #10 :)

melissa said...

Those JS heels are fierce. Love.

Annie said...

Very cute! I don't know that I could pull it off but I see you sportin' it in style!

Pearls and Pears said...

FINALLY COLOR... I was so sick and tired of grey, brown and army green from the winter! I am going to make it my mission to incorporate as much color into my winter wardrobe next year as I possibly can!

Love the blog... and following!


Linley said...

what fabulous pieces! i want them all!

sbot said...

Love everything about this post! Bring on the color!

Im your newest follower, hope youll want to follow me too : )




Sophie said...

loving all the pieces you have posted. I am becoming so obsessed with colour blocking x

cailen ascher said...

i need more color in my wardrobe. i wear way too much gray! love what you picked : )