Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Day

I had SUCH a good day today.  Nothing really exciting happened...I was just really happy all day long!
I really think that it might have just been the weather!
70 and sunny.  Perfection.

My morning started out with a wonderful quiet time and a delicious breakfast.  Then I was off to my LAST bible study (tear) of the year, where we delved into Christ's resurrection from the grave, and how this season of Easter season affects our lives. I love reading/studying the Easter story, it is so powerful and encouraging.

The rest of my day was spent having a nice lunch on our patio, babysitting the sweetest baby in the world, and then riding around when the windows down, hair blowing in the wind :)
I made a quick stop into Target and Ulta for some new mascara, lipstick, and nail polish, and ALL of it was on sale, sooooo exciting!

After great phone convo w/ my BESTIE, I'm now about to start cooking up some big bowls of spaghetti w/ the hubs, then watching American Idol!!

Hope everyone else has had a happy day!!
Here are a few pics from the day that made me smile :)    

Hubs is kind of a model w/ his new aviators

Perfect shirt.  Flowy, comfy, and leopard print :)

Coral Lips -- loving bright lips for spring!

Makes riding in the car with the windows down even better :)

My TOMS - obsessed, I seriously never want to take them off.

New nail color - "Minted" by Revlon



Candice said...

I love your coral chic! TOMS are the best shoes..ever; I love mine, and I have that nail color too :) It looks lovely for spring!

melissa said...

I'm so glad you had such a great day!!! This makes me happy! I love that blouse & the nail colour! SOO appropriate for Spring! A pair of Tom's are on my wishlist!

Booo to last Bible Study session. I love Bible Study time! xo

Annie said...

Oh la la, love your new nail polish! We had a similar day - I went to Ulta too and then made dinner and we're about to watch American Idol too! :)

linds.eliz said...

Love the lipstick :) random question: do you line your lips first? i never do, but i'm thinking it might be a good idea--and that lipstick looks sp pretty on you :)

and i want some TOMSsss !!

linds.eliz@ 413

Catherine said...

Love the TOMS! You are too cute!

Ashley Lane Hamlin said...

Have you ever read The Jesus I never Knew by Phillip Yancey? Amazing book. i just read his chapter about Easter/the Resurrection. It was really awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oooo Emmie! I love your curls! And the gorgeous nail polish! Mine are the exact same color! Besties = always alike :)
I LOOOOVE YOU! Did you do da tings?

Tucker said...

so glad you had a great day!

LOVE that top, your hair, lips, and nails!! so cute emmie!

Bon Bon said...

Such a happy day! Love the coral lips:-) And your hair is gorgeous! xoxo

Kristen said...

love that're so pretty! i think i'm sold on the toms. i need a pair asap. and the new adele album is amazing!

Hayley said...

I am so wearing mint on my nails right now! and Love adele and LOVE toms! have you seen their new styles?

cailen ascher said...

i'm totally jealous of your toms. i want some. and omg adele 21 - one of the best cds i've heard in a very very long time : )

fabulous blog - i'm your newest follower. glad i stopped by today!