Sunday, April 10, 2011


 In just 2 weeks, I am headed to the wonderful city of DC, (staying in Georgetown) for spring break with my amazing parents!  I could not be more excited!  Well, I would actually be happier if John was able to break away from the craziness that is Duke Business school to come with us, BUT I'm still very very excited.  My parents are headed up to NC to visit us for Easter weekend (I get Easter Sunday off from work!) and then they are scooping me up with them as they head to explore DC for 5 days.  I'm so glad they are letting me tag along :)

My cute parents
We plan to do lots of shopping, eating, touring, sight-seeing, eating, and oh yeah, eating.  I would LOVE to hear any and all suggestions/recommendations if anyone is familiar with the area (Kendy and Emmy!) 

Shopping on Wisconsin Ave and M Street is definitely in the works, and I am also excited to scope out the Zara there!  Also, Georgetown Cupcakes, I hear are amazing, and I LOVE me some cupcakes.

So yeah, I'm pumped.  And I may or may not have started packing!  EEEEK, I love road trips and I'm so looking forward to some QT w/ my sweet mom and dad. 

Hope everyone has had a  delightful weekend!  It's my last day of work for the week (weekend shift) and I'm planning on a relaxing and sunny week spent by the's supposed to be 90 and sunny tomorrow!!

Ok, this isn't our pool, but I sure wish it was!! 

Tell me what I need to do/see/eat while in DC!  I'll love you forever!


Suze said...

I personally love to eat hard rock. It is always a must on my visit. I personally would recommend visiting the WW 2 memorial just because my grandpa was in it so it is special to my heart. Hopefully this has been some help for you. Enjoy your week of laying by the pool of no worry in the world and QT with the parents on the road trip!

linds.eliz said...
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linds.eliz said...

I wish I had some tips on places to visit, but I'll be heading to DC for the first time next weekend!! Have a blastttt!

linds.eliz@ 413

HChase said...

Hi Em, I've been enjoying your blog since my mom told me about it at Christmas time, but this the first time I've been inspired to comment! You guys should totally try capital bikeshare. It's a great way to get around the city. Or, if you'd rather have a guide, Urban Adventours do fun bike tours of the monuments. The National Building Museum is a favorite of mine. And Dumbarton Oaks is a nice outdoor activity right near Georgetown (beautiful gardens). Ben's Chili Bowl on U St is also a very DC thing to do.

Have fun!

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

SO jealous of your DC trip :) I know you saw my guest post last week--and it truly is my dream day embodied in Georgetown!

Feel free to send any questions or anything my way--I just wish I was still living there so I could meet you! xoxo {av}

Kelly said...

I'm excited you get a vacation with your parents! Georgetown is wonderful, you'll love it! I may not be able to talk you out of it - but if you want the true DC cupcake experience, skip the huge line at Georgetown Cupcake and go to Baked & Wired. Better cupcakes! Though I've yet to find a really "bad" cupcake in DC - they're all cake! :)

Lindsay said...

have so much fun!! i am super jealous of all your fun trips you have been taking!

Tucker said...

obsessed with georgetown!! you are going to have so much fun. love the shopping!!

Leah said...

Ems! I will be there visiting my brother and Molly the same time!! We should run into each other. :)