Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Braid-y Bunch

Braided hairstyles have been popular for a few seasons, ever since LC perfected hers on the set of "The Hills", and I've always been a huge fan.  They are perfect for summer, and can instantly make a bad-hair day turn into a stylish one.  A single braid is probably the fastest and easiest, but I also love the french-braided "headbands" and braided up-do's.  Check out some braidy inspiration from these lovely ladies!
(all via google images)

I also love the fun and modern take on the braid - the "fishtail".  I think they were in style way back in the day, but i never learned how to do it!  Lately, I have almost perfected it, and i love wearing it loose and on one side :)

Tell me, do you like the braided look?? 


linds.eliz said...

i'm kind of a closet-obsessed braid lover. i love them but don't wear them often because i always feel like i might look like i'm straight off the farm. and not in a chic way.

however, i've done this cool braided bun that i am going to post a tutorial on coming up, and will be sure to link you back to it so you can see!

fortheloveofgrapefruits said...

I love the braid look, but can never pull it off - instead of being messy-chic, it's just plain messy on me!