Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yo Adrian!

3 cheers for finally finding my camera cord, and downloading pictures from my trip to Philly!  
Hip hip, hoooo....ok, you know the rest. 

So if you are new to my blog, John (my hubs) and I are apart for the summer. He is doing a summer internship in PA, while I am holding down the fort here in NC.  I got to visit him 2 weeks ago, and stayed for 10 days -- it was bliss.  I had missed him terribly and as soon as I saw him waiting for me at the train station, all was right in the world.  I truly am incomplete when he is not around.  

Ok, enough mushy, gushy.....
Join me in re-living our amazing time exploring Philly, and eating our weight in cheese-steaks, italian food, and ice cream.  Bye-bye diet....whooops!
WARNING: major picture overload :)

packed and ready to go!

At the train station - I LOVED riding the train..I'm weirdly obsessed with public transportation.
Yay!  Night 1 dinner w/ the hubs!

Lunch the next day - we had the most AMAZING pizza :)
And yes, that is just mine.  I may or may not have finished it by myself...

 While John was at work, I went and explored Valley Forge National Park - it was so amazing to step foot into the same cabins that were occupied by Gen. George Washington and his troops during the Revolutionary War - almost 250 years ago!   

Dinner at Alba that night :)

The next day -checking into our adorable B&B for the weekend - in downtown Philly

we had the executive suite!  holla :)
Then it was off to explore downtown!  

lunch at El Vez -- i'm still dreaming about that guac

Franklin Institute

Surf's up!

Outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art 

The "Rocky" Steps!

Dinner that night -- delish Italian

 The next day, we explored the Reading Terminal Market....


Independence Park...

And Penn's Landing

Last dinner!  :(

It was such an amazing trip!!  Can't wait to be back in just 2 short weeks!
Thank you all for your suggestions and recommendations for things to do there -- 
can't wait to do more on my next trip! 



Molly Rasmussen said...

I actually enjoy public transportation too! I think it's just something about the adventure of riding with strangers perhaps? Who knows. Looks like you had a lovely time :) xo

Sundresses and Smiles said...

That looks like so much fun--all the Italian food is making me drool! I also loved hearing the mushy-gushy stuff about your hubby! And finally, I love that pink, flowy top you're wearing in those pictures--where did you get it?

bailey said...

oh my gosh, i didn't realize you two were separated over the summer! i'm sure it is hard, but fun visits like these give you something to look forward to! what a fun trip!

Ashley Lane Hamlin said...

I love you for all the pizza and pasta pics! :)

And sleeping is one of my favorite pass times as well! :)

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

Looks like you had an incredible time!! Thanks for sharing all the pics!! That food looks so yummy! Esp. the guacamole!! and pizza!! mmmm

jess said...

Looks like so much fun! I love that yellow bag you're carrying. Where is it from? And of course the blue moon.. yum!

Tucker said...

This looks like SOOO much fun!!
and obsessed with that pink top. so cute on you!

Violet said...

Thanks for sharing your trip.. Makes me wish I could go visit PA now! :) Oh, and I totally understand the separation; my husband will be leaving for training for bout 6mos. soon and I will stay behind till he finishes so I'm not looking forward to being apart from him either. :(