Thursday, July 28, 2011

Charleston vacay - 1

My mom and I arrived in Charleston on Monday afternoon, and checked into our lovely hotel (King Charles Inn) on Meeting Street.  We spent the evening enjoying cheese and wine by the pool, and then found a yummy spot for dinner.

The next morning, we set out bright and early for a carriage ride around downtown Charleston, and the waterfront.  We loved our tour guide and really enjoyed seeing Charleston this way.  (Well except for the moment when I turned to gaze at a lovely home, and notice that there was a big, fat, roach- or palmetto bug in the south- ON MY SHOULDER.  I was slightly traumatized.)

We worked up an appetite and went to the delicious, and highly recommended "39 Rue De Jean" for lunch.  It did not dissapoint; we LOVED our meals (quiche and shrimp pasta).

Next up was a tour of the beautiful "Magnolia Plantation", which we really enjoyed.  We wandered around the gorgeous estate and spotted lots of wildlife.  We also took a "Swamp Tram Ride" where we saw tons of alligators and lots of exotic birds.  

pretty peacock :)

Handsome, no?
The deer were so friendly!

The slave quarters on the plantation

Magnolia Plantation

It was a wonderful and HOT day, and we enjoyed a tasty meal at Jestine's Kitchen that night, sorry no pics!  We were hungry and a little rough looking by that time :)

Next up, Charleston Part 2, stay tuned :)


Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

Just lovely!! I went on the carriage ride in June while in Charleston for my cousins wedding! Lots of fun! How precious that you could be so close to the deer!!

Katie Freel Smith said...

Haha! Girl you hit the BEST Charleston spots! Rue de Jean is my FAVE and my In-Law's SWEAR by Jestine's! Magnolia Plantation is the best, a lot of my girlfriends have gotten married/had bridal portraits there, sigh... Glad y'all had fun ;) Blessings- Katie

Annie said...

You got THAT close to a deer?!!!

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

These are great pictures! Looks like you both are having a great time! Cannot wait to hear more about the trip in part 2!

Legally Brunette Kate said...

Charleston always looks so's definitely on my list of places to visit.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Your trip looks perfect! I've never been to Charleston but really want to go!

Shannon said...

what a fun trip! i live in SC and have never spent more than an afternoon in charleston. desperately need to get down there soon!

Ashlyn said...

thanks for stopping by my blog girl! :] i am so JEALOUS of your trip to charleston. that is one of absolute favorites in the world. my moms entire side of the family lives there & i just love to go! you look like you had a blast!!! :]

oh & you have a new follower!!
xoxo. ashlyn

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I love Charleston and I LOVE your shirt too!!