Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A special house-guest

I had a wonderful guest to come and visit me last week in NC, and we had the best time!
My sweet Mom flew up to spend a few days exploring my area, and then we had an amazing trip to Charleston the next week!
Here are some pics of our first week together, and after downloading these pictures, it seems like all we did was eat!  And that's not too far from the truth!

She's a published author!
Out for Mexican :)

Wandering around DUKE

Downtown Durham

Home-made pizza
Breakfast bagel for Mom!  :)

Stay tuned for our trip to Charleston!  Hope you all are having a lovely week!  I'm blogging from Philly, visiting my hubby!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Your mom is presh!!! And it's so funny - b4 I even read it I knew there would be a MEXICAN dinner photo up there! hahaha! Love you. how was din last night?> xoxoxo