Thursday, October 13, 2011

On the mend, and a recap

Happy Thursday!  Thought I'd check in with the blogosphere after being somewhat under the weather the past few days.  I finally have a prescription filled, and hopefully I'll be on the mend soon.  
I think it's just the change of season/weather that has totally messed me up...congestion, sore throat, cough, and extreme exhaustion.  Oh and the worst part, is the loss of taste and smell.  I am soooo ready to start baking pumpkin and fall treats, and light my new autumn candles, but I figured it probably won't be worth it if I can't even taste or smell them!  Sad.    

Anywho, I'll leave you with a few pictures of the last week or so....I got some fun goodies, baked some treats for a bday party, made a DIY necklace, and also cooked up some wonderful fall soups.  

YAY!!  Hunter Wellies!!

Yummy cookie cups -- recipe to come soon!

Mexican Chicken Soup - recipe here

Perfect Chambray shirt - Target

Organizing my closet and putting away all my summer sandals...ta ta for now!

Finding these beauties in my fall/winter storage -- so fun!!

DIY necklace time! Inspired by Alicia!

Finished product :)  I love it!

First chili of the season!  I used a combination of these 2 recipes: 1, 2
Easy and delicious!
Hope you are doing lovely, and enjoying the fall!!
I'm looking forward to the Duke Football game and the State Fair this weekend with friends!!
Such a fun time of the year :)



Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

I love hunter wellies! I have them in bright red! That mexican chicken soup looks amazing! I hope you start to feel better!

Kristen said...

I just recently invested in those same hunter wellies, love them! hope you are feeling better my dear!

Lindsay said...

oh girl, i feel your pain. i was just super sick for two straight weeks. you will get better i promise!

Emily said...

I love finding good things at Target! I am going to have to try that DIY necklace... it is SO cute!!!

megan said...

Some great comfort right there! That necklace is so cute!

ally (the ruffled lace) said...

i love my hunters (wanting a third pair practical) love your colour....i have the olive!

Abigail's Place said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been well, its definitely the change in the weather I think so many people not well!
Loving the homemade necklace!
An Hunters Yay just received mine an can't wait to get them muddy!

Abigail x

Jordan Streetman said...

I got a pair of hunter wellies not too long ago and I love them! They are so stinking cute! I love your homemade necklace, I make earrings but I am much more crazy with my necklaces so I have been wanting to make necklaces, I need to just do it already and stop saying I will!

Liesl said...

All the food looks so yummy and what a crafty necklace ...nice! Love all the pictures!

LIesl :)

Julie said...

Those cookies look incredible! And the chili.....and the soup...basically you just made me REALLY hungry! :)