Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happies and Lows

Some of our couple friends like to call me and John the "Happy-Highs", instead of the "Sad-lows" (which is our last name).  I think it's cute and it always makes me smile :)

I decided to mix the 2 up a little, and do a post today on the "Happy and Lows" from the week so far! 
Maybe I'll make it a weekly thing???

First of all, 

Ice cream date with hubs -- mine's on the right ;)

The next day indulging in a Gigi's cupcake at work -- for those of you who aren't familiar with Gigi's, just imagine a GIANT cupcake, with equal amounts icing and cake.  I hear there are 780 calories in 1 cupcake. Did you get that -- 780!  It was happy at first, but about 5 minutes later, it was a major low.  I felt sick to my stomach, and had a big time sugar crash only a few hours into my shift.  WHOOPS!

new purchases!  finally jumped on the NAKED train and got the #2 palette.  I love it so far!  
Plus, 2 dainty pairs of cute earrings :)  And they were just $1.50 each!

Brrrrrr...temperatures here in NC dropped big time this week!  Just when I was getting all excited for spring and painting my nails seafoam green ;)   I really can't complain too much though, it's been a VERY mild winter  here.

The way pretty stationary makes me feel -- I love it!  It makes me WANT to write cards for no reason.
(The one below is from the $1 bin at Michaels!)

Finding out that my dear aunt had to have an extensive and invasive surgery (it lasted almost 8 hours!)  She is such an amazing and strong woman, and my heart ached for her as she had to go through that.

The surgery went VERY well, and she will hopefully leaving the hospital Friday, after 1 week there.  Praise GOD for His mercy and healing.  

I had a major "missing my family" moment this week.  It was my parent's anniversary and then my mom got really sick...I just wanted to BE there!  I wanted to celebrate the wonderful milestone over a fancy dinner, and then bring my mom soup and watch chick flicks together.  Sometimes it is VERY hard being so far away, and I really miss them so much. 

Getting to babysit the sweetest little girl in the world -- a dear friend of mine's niece.  We had the best time ever and she is my new best friend.  Yes, she is 2 years old, but still.

And I have to end on another HAPPY!
I leave tomorrow for NASHVILLE!  I will get to see some of my very best friends, help host an incredible baby shower, visit with my sweet family there, and love on my beautiful nieces.  I am so excited!!



A Babbling Brunette said...

I love this post! Such a great idea! Hope you have a blast in Nashville!

Anonymous said...

Awww emmie! I love you!!!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Half Baked Fro Yo is my absolute fav ice cream ever!!!!!!!!


linds.eliz said...

yay for Happys and Lows! that's so funny that they gave you that nickname--very clever :)

have a Happy week!

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

YES!! This need to be a new series!
Hope your mom starts feeling better and that your aunt recovers well!