Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Bestie Reunion

Sorority squats, Hilary Duff on the radio, pizza, pizza, and more pizza, and staying up snuggling til the wee hours of the morning (OK, it was 11pm, but it felt like 6am)....put all of these things together, and you get a weekend with my college besties!!  

During our weekend in Atlanta, we also visited the amazing Georgia Aquarium (see post here) and just had the BEST time catching up :)

Here are a few pics from the weekend!! 

delicious dinner out!

Aren't girl's weekends the BEST!?


CCM said...

These pics make me wanna go back blonde. Love u!!

E and B said...

YES they are the best! Thanks for coming to visit Emmy! I had TONS o fun, especially pretending to be Kim K & eating waaaaaay too much pizza. Come back soon!

Nat said...

So fun! Girls weekends are the best!