Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Gluten-Free Me

Due to a lot of horrible, nasty sinus infections recently, I have decided to try to omit gluten from my diet....just to see if I can tell a difference in my allergy problems and sinus issues.
I have done quite a lot of research lately, and it seems that there definitely could be a correlation between the two.  So I decided last week, I would give it a try.

I just knew I was going to quickly fall into a mild form of depression, because of the limited selection of food I could eat.  I knew I was going to crave all the breads and cakes and pies I could imagine on day 1.  

after a successful grocery shopping trip...

Photo: My gluten-free grocery trip! Yes that's pizza and ice cream! #babysteps 

.....and some thorough and intensive meal planning, I'm officially on my 5th day of being totally gluten free!  
And it's going great! The blogs, websites, grocery store aisles, and Pinterest boards have AMAZED me with the amount of gluten-free options there are!  Can you spot the pasta (brown rice noodles), pizza  (organic rice crust), and ice cream (gluten AND dairy-free) in my pile above?!

These are a few recipes I can't wait to try: 

Cinnamon Toast Pancakes from Dr Oz-Try them once and you will never mix your fatty pancakes again.

Zucchini Chips » Table for Two

Gluten free pizza crust - my new recipe

Has anyone else gone gluten-free?  I would love any advice, suggestions, recipes, or grocery store favorites!

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Natalie said...

Wow, good for you! I have so many sinus issues, I may need to try this and see if it does anything for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tara said...

Our house is slowly going G-Free too. Mainly because my stomach aches miserably if not! So far, so good and thankfully there are so many G-Free options these days that my husband even loves!

emily fitzgerald {once in a blue room} said...

i have the worst sinuses in the winter, so i can't wait to see if this works! so far it looks pretty delicious....

Ashlee said...

I am going to research that - does a gluten free diet really help sinus'?? Because I am battling a BAD one right now and I usually get 2 or 3 a year. And, I've already been really into Gluten-Free products so if I have to go all gluten free that'd be okay with me. It's pretty tasty!!

-Ashlee Michelle

Liesl said...

I have a few friends who are gluten-free...love to see how it all goes for you! Also, I LOVE your new layout!!! :)

Peyton Roberts said...

Hi Emily - We started the paleo diet a year and a half ago, which is gluten-free, low sugar, and low in processed foods. My "seasonal allergies" I've had since I was 6 completely disappeared within about 5 months. My husband has always been prone to sinus issues and hasn't had a sinus infection since we changed our diet. I've compiled all my favorite online recipes into one place I update periodically. Haven't found any problem finding great things to eat. Good luck! Peyt