Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beauty Haul!

Over the past 4 weeks or so, I have managed to buy a few new beauty and makeup items!  I had a few gift cards from Christmas, and other items were just found at the drugstore and Target.

Really excited about some of these products - especially some of the bolder lipsticks for spring and summer!   Enjoy my fabulous video-making skills - I still cannot figure out how to do multiple takes/frames, so I have to do it all on one take.  

products mentioned:

what I'm wearing:
striped top 

Have you tried any of the items mentioned?
Any great products you've been loving lately?

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Nat said...

Benefit They're real is my favorite mascara! I still need to pick up the Naked palette

Anna Keller said...

I'm hooked on Benefit's They're Real mascara, too! The best, although do you find it seems to run out faster than other mascara you've tried? I feel like I have to replenish my supply more frequently. Totally worth it, though!

Chelsea said...

I mean, I just love you!!!

Kelsey said...

Loved it! I finally just ordered the Benefit They're Real mascara for the first time because of this. Amazon Prime!

Shannon said...

love the beauty haul videos. i am real jealous of your marshall's finds...specifically that coral lacy top. it is GORG! might be scouting out my local store to see if they have it.

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I literally broke out this post today while I was in Target! I read it on Friday and was like ahh I need to look at it again, haha. I got the Benefit They're Real mascara a few months ago and OMG it works. It's kinda hard to get off, but I love it!