Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello There!


Hope you have had a lovely weekend!  And happy St. Patrick's Day!
Things have been a little busy over here for the past week, so here's a recap in pics!

Last weekend - my wonderful Dad came into town!  We had such a great time!
Hiking along the lake, don't you love his Princeton pride?!  

We finally tried out PJ's Pancake House downtown, and it definitely did not disappoint!

*banana and chocolate chip pancakes*

My Dad and I got to go into Philadelphia a couple of times - one time to meet my mom for lunch and shopping!  And the other time for a doctor's appointment for me.  
We had a great time checking out the King of Prussia mall (oh-my-stars-huge), 
and eating lunch at the Reading Terminal Market!

We also found our new favorite sushi spot in Princeton - 
Asian Bistro - soooooo good!  Is it bad that this is turning into a post about when and where we are eating?!

During my daily weekly Target run this week, these spring beauty products caught my eye - 
couldn't resist these pastel colors!

I also picked up this necklace at Target!  LOVE.

And last but not least - some cooking of the week:
Our favorite veggie side = kale chips!

And while all of our southern friends and family were tweeting about their beach and golf outings this weekend, we decided to pretend that it wasn't 35 degrees and snowing.  
And we whipped up some fresh squeezed lemonade, delicious guacamole.....

and enchiladas!  

and had ourselves a little fiesta! :)

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Eloquently Emily said...

My dad lives outside of Philly and I LOVE going to King Of Prussia and Reading Market! I have also been wanting to try out kale chips, how you make yours? Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Man y'all have been busy! Looks like lots of fun!

Susan said...

Yum! That looks so good! My friends and I need to do a little something about this cold too, it's too much! I love that Target necklace, way too cute!

Chelsea said...

You are presh --- love your Target buys! So glad you and your daddy-o got some great time together. XO, Chelly