Monday, March 4, 2013

Poconos, Peplum, and Products, Oh My!

Last week, I was so excited and thankful to have a meeting that will hopefully turn into a wonderful job opportunity!  I'll be able to share more once it's official, so stay tuned!
To celebrate the meeting that went so well, and because an amazing mall was in between the meeting and my house, I just HAD to stop and get myself some fun treats!

LUSH Goodies:
twilight bath bomb, butterball bath bomb,
the comforter bubble bar, and yuzu and cocoa bubbleroon

FOREVER 21 Goodies:
(the softest!) chambray shirt, nail stickers, ruffled swim top

My OOTD :)

peplum top, monogram necklace

Friday night, our church group set out for a weekend in the Poconos!  We stayed at Camelback Mountain, and had the best time exploring the State Park....

And spending all day Saturday, hitting the slopes!
Errrrr, tubing the slopes, I should say!

It was seriously so much fun - I think I laughed for 3 straight hours!

On the way home from our weekend getaway, John and I stopped for dinner and noticed that a Pei Wei is going up right near our house!  We I squealed with delight - we LOVE Pei Wei!

And last but not least,

I have heard a lot of buzz about these two skincare products, so I'm planning on trying them out...apparently Dr. Oz has raved about them, and has said they are the best for wrinkle prevention, and dark spot/pigmentation correction.


Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick Lip Moisturizer .5-oz.


And at these prices - might as well give them a try!  

Happy Monday, Loves!!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

(P.S. Did anyone else get a kick, or should I say "punch" out of all my "P" alliterations? I'm such a word nerd.)

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Caitlin C. said...

I loveee that peplum top - TOO cute. And oh my goodness, the cocoa butter stick is my favorite lip product ever. Everyone always thinks I'm putting glue on my lips though - the tube is HUGE :)

Melody M. said...

I swear by the Palmer's Cocoa Butter swivel stick! I swear I would buy stock in them if I could. It is absolutely fabulous! I love that Forever 21 swimsuit top as well! So cute!

Annie said...

Congrats on a possibly new gig!

I love Lush. We grew up going to Camelback with our church group. So fun! PS - do you get to shop at Short Hills or is it another mall close to you?

Blue Dog Belle said...

I'm OBSESSED with that peplum top!

Chelsea said...

Fun emmy!! I need some help with some dark spots! Will def need to hear how those creams work, XOXO

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Have you tried the St. Ives? I need a new wrinkle cream, and my skin is a sensitive mess prone to acne.