Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Guest Post - Southern Curls and Pearls

Hello loves! I'm a huge fan of Emily's blog so when she asked me to post about my beach bag essentials, I jumped at the chance! The beach is probably my favorite vacation spot in the whole world. My family heads to the NC coast each summer for a week, and it has to be my favorite week of the whole year.

My first beach bag essential is, well, a cute beach bag! I'm in love with {this Kate Spade one} which is incredibly cute but also roomy enough to hold all of your beach stuff.

These {ava tortie shades} are my favorite purchase this summer. They look very similar to a Karen Walker pair of sunnies I've had my eye on, but without the $300 price tag! And this {summer straw hat} is key to feeling glam on the beach. I like to protect my face from the sun so I don't get wrinkles later in life (don't worry, I use self-tanner to avoid looking like a ghost!).

{Sunscreen} is essential to avoid sunburn, but don't forget those lips! I'm obsessed with {supergoop lip balm} with SPF 30. If you've ever had your lips burned before, it is NOT fun! This lip balm feels great on my lips and also protects them from the harsh UV rays.

A {comb} and {detangling spray} are necessary if I don't want my hair to end up in a tangled mess.

My monogrammed {tervis tumbler} is my best friend at the beach. I fill it up with ice water, lemonade or smoothies to keep cool and hydrated in the sun. I love the Crystal Light raspberry lemonade packets! 

And finally, I need something to keep my mind occupied while I'm laying on the beach. I bring along my Nook for some light reading and a book of puzzles! Yes, I am a nerd - I looove doing puzzles on the beach. Word games, sudoku, picture games, there is nothing more relaxing to me that working on a puzzle while I'm laying in the sun.

Here's me ready for some beach time:

I don't know about you guys, but I'm super jealous that Emily is laying on a beach in Mexico right now! Thanks for having me Emily and hope you're having so much fun!!

Love, Cait

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