Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beauty 101: Lips

If you dumped out the contents of my purse right now, I would bet you that half of the items in there would be lip products.  I'm kinda a lip junkie.  Between glosses, balms, lipsticks, and stains...
I wouldn't be surprised if there at least 10 lippies in my purse at all times.

well, pretty close....


With that being said, I thought it might be fun to do a little beauty series on the ole bloggity blog, all about different makeup items...basically my favorites of each category, with maybe a flop or two...
my "Beauty 101".  The products that you just may be missing out on ;)
First up in the series...Lips!

Favorite Balm
Creamy, moisturizing, and adds the perfect hint of pale pink.

Favorite Red:
I'm not a big "red-wearer", but around the holidays, this one is simply the best.

Favorite Pink:

I have repurchased this so many times.  Perfect shade of cool, creamy pink.

Favorite Nude:

The best nude, not too pale, not too pink.  Just perfection.  

Best Luxury:

These are just gorgeous.  From the packaging to the product, simply luxurious.
My favorite is #1.

Best Drugstore:

These colors are phenomenal, and the pigment is even better!  Such great quality!

So creamy and buttery, not sticky at all.  And cheaaaaap.

Favorite MAC lipstick:

Well, my absolute fave is "Hue" (mentioned above), but this is a close second.  Pretty pink with a hint of lavender!  Great pop without being too dramatic.  

Most Disappointing:

I've tried these several times, and just can't get on board.  Too sticky, pigment doesn't last very long, and the clicky applicator brush is kinda annoying for on-the-go.

Liner...yes or no?
If you're going for a bright/bold lip..YES!  Helps the color stay put.
I like these NYX pencils the best. 
For nudes or just gloss, I skip them.

Best Gloss:
I love the way this gloss makes my lips feel - so plump and refreshed, and minty too!  This color looks great over everything.  Just the perfect creamy pink nude.

Favorite Scrub:

I've recently raved about this product.  It gives your lips a great, smooth canvas for lipstick or gloss, and it's all natural, so you can just lick it right off ;)

Bonus Product:
Just ordered my first one, and I'm a huge fan!  Not only does the tube have a mirror on the side (so handy!), but the applicator brush has a light on the end!  Perfect for your clutch or a night out!

On my Wish List:

I've heard great things about these natural, creamy, and highly pigmented lip pencils.  Can't wait to try them!  

What are your favorite lip products - do share!

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Lauren said...

I agree on the Stila lip glazes, not that great and way too sticky. I'm a fan of the Almay lip balm/gloss and the Bare Minerals marvelous moxie.


MakeMeUpMia said...

Yup, I always have at least 10-15 lip products in my purse, it's crazy. NYX Butter glosses and a couple Buxom glosses are my faves. I really want to try some of those Bite pencils, I hear they are amazing!

Glitterista said...

What a fun post! I am obsessed with lipsticks, too! My favorites are Nars Sciap, Lancome Rouge in Love Pink Bon Bon, and Bobbi Brown's Pink Tulle lip gloss. ;)