Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy 6 Months!

We officially celebrated Andrew's 1/2 birthday a couple of weeks ago...(see here)

...but I of course had to do my monthly photo shoot of the little man!  

Dear darling boy, 
You are just melting our hearts over and over, each and every day.  You personality is soaring and you LOVE to snuggle and reach up for Mommy and Daddy.  And with these eyes and eyelashes, you pretty much have us completely wrapped around your tiny fingers.  

You are giggling more and more, and you are finally eating solids!  You even have your own high chair!  How did you get so big? We've started with oatmeal cereal, squash, peas, and pears.....
You're favorite is definitely the pears!  

You are curious, inquisitive, patient, alert, and very active!  You enjoy playing in your exersaucer, kicking and splashing during bath time, going on long walks in your stroller, and spending time with your grandparents (who all came to visit this month!)

You're a tiny 6 month old, weighing just 14.5 lbs!  You are 26 inches long.  We started a modified version of "Crying it Out" this month (after 6 weeks of sleep regression), and you have handled it like a champ!  Much better than Mommy handled it!  ;)  
You now sleep a full 11 hours straight at night, and take 3 naps a day.  All while still being swaddled!  

Mommy and Daddy love you so much sweet boy.  We thank God every day for blessing us so greatly by being your parents.  We can't wait for next month, as we head back to Florida, spend time with family, take a trip into NYC with friends, and just gobble you up every second we can.  You're simply the greatest joy we could ever imagine.   Happy 6 months! 

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MakeMeUpMia said...

Just precious! Love the pics with him and his kangaroo, so cute :)

Rebecca and Lori said...

He is adorable! Those eyelashes!

Mree said...

He is so cute!! Hope you are feeling better.

Best, Mree

Mrs Barker said...

My goodness, he is so so cute! Would love to see a post on what you did for sleep training, we are on night two of a modified crying it out, recommended by our pediatrician, after we suffered through about six weeks of poor sleep too. Happy to hear you've had such success, I hope we do too!

Liesl said...

He is BEYOND adorable, with those big, blue eyes, and I love, love, LOVE each of these pictures. So cute, and Happy, Happy 6 Months to Andrew!!! :)

Tamara Gerber said...

Happy 6 months, cutie! Cuddles from Switzerland!