Monday, August 4, 2014

Florida Vacay- Part 1

Last week, Andrew and I were blessed to have spent 8 glorious days in the Florida sunshine with my family and friends.  We had the best time, and it was an unforgettable trip!

My parents were a HUGE help when it came to taking care of the baby (hello mani/pedi's and girl's nights out)!  It sure is nice to have extra sets of hands around at all times!  Especially when they love your child just as much (and maybe more!) as you do ;)

We ate tons of fabulous seafood, hosted a baby shower for my childhood friend, soaked up some beautiful days at the beach, visited dear family, and even got some relaxing mixed in!
I took a few pictures (there may or may not be around 400), so I'm splitting the trip into a few posts!  And without further adieu......

Dinner out at one of my Pensacola favorites, The Oar House 


Delicious lunch with the fam at Jaco's

And, Pool Time with my Bestie!  

Stay tuned for Part 2 (and maybe 3 and 4!)
And Happy Monday!!  

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BLovedBoston said...

What a perfect start to your vacation!! I absolutely love the photo of your baby kissing your dad - I mean that is a total framer!! Can't wait for part 2!!

Annie said...

You'll treasure these pictures forever!

Pamela {Sequins and Sea Breezes} said...

What a great start to your vacation! Your baby is so freaking cute!!! Those eyes are amazing!! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

<3, Pamela

Kristen said...

your baby is literally the happiest, cutest baby i ever did see! also the beach looks AMAZING.

MakeMeUpMia said...

What a wonderful start to your vaca, love the pictures, so cute :)

Court @ Sweet Home Alabamian said...

Look at that little whale booty!!