Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekending: 7 Months, Fried Catfish, and Celebrating Life

It's Monday, and you know what that means :)
Time for a recap of the weekend, and I'll be honest, this one was a little bittersweet.

We started out celebrating Andrew's 7 month birthday!  
It was actually while we were in Florida, but we had to take some pictures once we were back and settled (and of course with the chalkboard frame!)  

I'll be posting a 7 month update for him on the blog, but for now, a few of my fave pics from the photo sesh...

I've also made a habit of taking a few "bathtime" pictures each month.  It will be fun to go back and see how he's grown and changed, in his cute little tub.    

I had a lunch date with some friends from my "Moms" group, which was so much fun!  We had Mexican (my fave), and bonded over dirty diapers and sleep deprivation.  

my ootd: 

Saturday was relaxing, and we spent the day by the pool and taking our favorite long walk down by the lake.  Our neighbors just got some sheep - and it's been so much fun to show them to Andrew!

Saturday night, I picked up some fresh catfish at the grocery, and we decided to fry those bad boys up.  We don't do a lot of fried food 'round here, but we were just in the mood for some ;)
It was SO good!
I also whipped up this coleslaw - delish!

Sunday, we went to church, and just hung out at home, 
reading books, and watching a Scandal marathon (I've got John hooked!)....

You're probably thinking..."so why was the weekend so "bittersweet"?  It looked pretty good and relaxing to me!"

Well, it was sweet.  And it was bitter.  We lost my grandmother this weekend.  

She lived a VERY long, full, and wonderful life.  Her body, soul, and mind are now fully restored, and she is with Jesus in Heaven.  Playing bridge, eating peanut butter cookies, and having a nice scotch cocktail, right about now, I hope.  
She was a beautiful woman, so kind, gracious, fun-loving, classy...with just the perfect amount of wit.  I am so thankful that I grew up knowing her, and spending every summer at the North Carolina Outer Banks with her.  She will be missed, so greatly.  

It's funny how we sometimes don't celebrate life until someone is taken from us.  With my grandmother's passing, I am reminded to live each and every day celebrating my own life, and the lives of my loved ones.  Being thankful for the gift of life, and to not take a single day for granted.

Thank you to all of you who have called, sent emails and texts, and most of all, prayed for my family during this time.  It means so much!  

Love y'all - hope you had a wonderful weekend!
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BLovedBoston said...

I am so sorry for your loss - she sounds like she was a very loved and wonderful woman!! It's hard to lose a loved one - but especially a grandparent...makes me want to squeeze my two grandmas real tight when I see them next!!

I can't help but notice how happy Andrew is - he's just got a smile in every photo!! xo

Annie {Home of Malones} said...

So sorry to hear about your loss Emily. So sad but glad she got to know Andrew. That is the happiest little boy I've ever seen! He's just darling!

Ally Harding said...

Andrew is the cutest baby ever!! He looks like he just loves life so much! So sorry to hear about your grandmother :(

Life as I know it

Meghan said...

I am so sorry about your grandmother. I have a really close relationship with my own grandma, but can see that she is not doing well. There is peace in knowing that they will be restored and made whole again. I'll keep you in my prayers!

Playground Prepster said...

I am so sorry about your grandmother. I hope you get some time with family for hugs and stories.
Andrew has the best bright eyed smile. I love those bath time pictures.

Penny said...

So sorry about the lose of your grandmother. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Nat said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother :(. I can't believe Andrew is 7 months old!! That smile and those lashes are too much!

Rachel Easley said...

Love all the pictures!! Sorry about your grandmother. I'm super close to my grandparents so I can only imagine how hard it is right now. Thinking about ya!

Mree said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother. May you find comfort in your memories. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Jayme and Mendi said...

So sad to hear of your Grandma's passing. She sounds like she was an amazing woman!! Thinking of you!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings