Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hair Dilemma

Since I was never allowed to dye or highlight my hair growing up, (not even Sun-In) I became a hair-color rebel as soon as I went to college. I guess it was better to rebel with hair color then other things. Anyway, I went from brown to blonde, to a reddish-brown, to light brown, to very dark brown, to major highlights, and then back again....twice.

Reddish-Brown Me

Blonde Me

Somewhere in between Me

Now I'm back to light brown - my completely natural hair color. And it's mousy. And brassy. And I'm in dire need of a change. I'm thinking golden highlights and maybe a few low lights...much like this beauty. I want it to look natural but have a nice summery glow.

Does anyone else like to change their hair color as much as I do? :)


Lacey said...

Emily that is to funny about not being able to color your hair growing up. I could not either and one time someone left (old and I mean OLD)sun-in at our house and it said you could spray it in and then hair blow dry it. So I thought it is so old it will not work, when my mom was busy one day I tried it out and of course it did not work. But a few weeks later after spending time in the sun I had a VERY blonde streak in my hair. I did not dare tell my mom what I did so she even took me to the Dr. she was worried about me. I fessed up only a few years ago!

Emily said...

Lacey - that is absolutely hilarious!! Thanks for sharing your story! We are such rebels :) I am sooo sorry we couldnt make it down to your house when I was home - we ended up spending a lot of time in Destin visiting my grandmother. Hope all is well! xoxo

Anonymous said...

love the J. Aniston color!!! but of course emmie you are beautiful no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Emmy - I think some brond (bronzed blonde) highlights would look great on you!! Keep your natural hair color, but just add in some highlights :)

I love you redish/brown in the winter time. So chic

Emily said...

Thanks Ashy and Chelly!! I will definitely try the brond look - I want to keep my base color for sure so it will look more natural. xoxo to you both!!