Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sandy Rowe - 1994-2010

There really aren't many words I have to describe this little furry bundle of joy. He came into my life on my 10th birthday, as a gift from my parents. I still remember picking my dad up from the airport, and noticed that he was carrying a small crate with a tiny white furball inside. I was ecstatic!! Especially because he arrived just in time for my pool party that would take place at our house the next day! He would surely be the star of the show...and he was. And he continued to be the star of the show, and of our family, for the next 16 years.

We went through a lot together...lots of tears, lots of laughs, lots of cuddles, lots of pancakes, and lots of wet kisses. (I was the only one who allowed him to kiss my face..ok, my mouth. But that's just how much I loved him!) We even "ran away" together one rainy night. I was crying and was headed out the door to who knows where, and just scooped him up and brought him along with me. There was no way I was leaving him behind. I remember telling him that we were going to just fine, me and him. That we could make it on our own together. He seemed to agree.

We made it about 15 minutes, then went back home.

He loved Christmas. He let us dress him up every single year in his Christmas sweater and Santa hat. He didn't keep it on very long, but he always let us take a few pictures. He really loved his stocking. He knew which one was his, and couldn't wait to get his whole head inside of it to see what goodies were waiting for him.

He loved to act. His best role was 'Simba'-from the Lion King- he loved performing the "Circle of Life" with Dad, as he was raised above our heads just like in the movie. He was such a good sport ;)

He loved the beach -- he was named "Sandy" because the day we got him, we took him to a playground and he just rolled and rolled around, completely covering himself with sand! We always took him to the beach, and although he enjoyed prancing around on the beach, he would never go near the water. He hated the water.

Sandy was a blessing to our family. He was the joy in our lives and always made us smile. We will miss him terribly, but we are so incredibly thankful for the many years he spent with us.

We love you Sandy, and always will.


MLS said...

Sweet Sandy! I am so sorry to hear that he is gone...seems he had quite a life!
Also...has anyone ever told you that John looks a lot like your brother??

HaleyRyan said...

Oh my gosh.. I'm so sorry Em. I know how much joy our furry friends can bring us. They become our best friends! You guys are in my prayers! xo

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry baby!!! i will miss sandy too! he hated me and always growled. hahaha. but he didn't stop me from coming around!!! :) i know he's watching over you em-sicle. and now he is in doggie heaven with apie and magic. i love you!

E and B said...

Oh sweet Sanderson. How we love him! He will be missed so much. And yes I agree with Ash, he is in doggie Heaven playing with all of our dogs and we will soon see Sandy again. Love you!!!