Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'Shabby Chic' China Cabinet

I am not a naturally creative person. Sadly, I did not inherit the artistic and innovative genes from my mom. But, I do like projects, and I am inspired by others who do have a talent for being creative. Last year, I found an amazing deal on an antique china cabinet via Craigslist. I decided I could not pass it up, and I bought it right away, thinking that I could turn it into a little DIY project.
I knew I wanted to paint the cabinet, and then hopefully distress it, giving it a "Shabby Chic" look.
Step 1: Since it had a glossy finish, I vigorously sand-papered the entire cabinet, until it had a rough finish.
Step 2: I wiped the cabinet down with a slightly damp cloth, removing all dust, dirt, and grime. You must do this before you paint.
Step 3: I taped off all the corners/sides with painting tape.

Step 4: I painted the cabinet off-white with just one coat of paint. The painting job does not have to be perfect, just make sure to coat the piece completely.
Step 5: I let the cabinet dry overnight. Then I used a clean rag and a BriWax stain to wipe down the entire cabinet. This leaves the "distressed/worn" look. (You can always add more or less depended how dark you want the stain to be.)
Step 6: I added new hardware, and it was ready to go!!


Fanch said...

Well Done! I love redoing furniture!! Such an accomplishment! It looks great!!

Sarah Tucker said...

... and you're not creative?? puuhhhhlease. love this shabby chic beauty.

HaleyRyan said...

I love it!!! I want one!