Friday, June 11, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Warning: Picture Overload

I spent the most amazing weekend at home (Pensacola) for Memorial Day Weekend. It was full of precious time with the family, delicious meals and treats, bonding time w/ my bestie, soaking up rays at the beach, a beautiful church service, visiting an old friend, and just enjoying being home. Some pics from the weekend:

First stop after my flight landed: J's Bakery
Pensacola Beach - Me and Dad
Wonderful meal at home w/ fam and Ashy!
Church with the fam
Visiting my dear friend at their new beautiful home!
The gorgeous kitchen
Me and Sam catching up :)
Dinner at the Grand Marlin

Such a wonderful weekend -- already miss everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

awww loved seeing my em-sicle!!! :)