Saturday, August 14, 2010

5 Faves

Sound of Music - "My Favorite Things"

I saw a blog that had this post awhile back, and I thought it looked like fun! One reason why I do keep a blog is to be able to look back and see what phases and stages of life John and I go through on our adventures together. I used to love looking back at old yearbooks that would have a page for current events or prices of things (like who is president, how much a movie ticket costs, who are your best friends, what's your favorite food....etc.) And see how things have changed since then.

So here's my current list of 5 faves:

5 favorite actors:
-Matt Damon
-Johnny Depp
-George Clooney
-Leo DiCaprio
-Robert Downey Jr

5 favorite actresses:
-Julia Roberts
-Jennifer Garner
-Keira Knightly
-Reese Witherspoon
-Rachel McAdams

5 favorite local restaurants:
-El Rodeo
-Bojangles :)
-Shiki Sushi

5 favorite go-to recipes:
-Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas
-Turkey/Avocado Burgers
-Home made Pizza
-Spaghetti with Spinach Florentine Sauce
-Beer-battered Fish Tacos

5 favorite TV shows:
-So You Think You Can Dance
-Modern Family
-The Office
-Project Runway
-Anything on Food Network

5 favorite fashionistas:
-Rachel Bilson
-Olivia Palermo
-Lauren Conrad
-Sarah Jessica Parker
-Jillian Harris

5 favorite websites:
-Google Reader

5 favorite shopping spots:
-Forever 21

5 favorite stress-relievers:
-Talking with hubs

5 favorite style trends:
-Oversized sunglasses
-Skinny Jeans
-Men's watches - on women
-One-shoulder tops/dresses

5 favorite things that make me happy:
-A long phone chat with family or friends
-Putting together the perfect outfit
-Growing in my relationship with the Lord
-Holding my husband's hand

Do you have any favorite things you'd like to share??? Or maybe some favorite things you and I might have in common???

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