Sunday, August 8, 2010

From TN to NC

Making the drive from Memphis to Durham was actually not too terrible! My wonderful parents made the trip with us, and we could NOT have done it without them. The four of us (me, John, my mom, and my dad) all ended up driving separate vehicles, so it definitely got a little lonely at times. But we put together our best I-tunes playlists, rented a few books on tapes (thank you Cracker Barrel!), and met for lunch at Chick-fil-a. I have to admit, driving away from our house, and our street made me tear up a little, but I ended up being ok ;)

We split up the trip, staying one night in Asheville, NC, which was so much fun! Asheville is such a quaint little town, and we enjoyed walking around Biltmore village and having dinner at a delicious mediterranean restaurant (Rezaz).

We finally made it to our apartment in Durham the next day around noon. We spent the entire afternoon unloading and unpacking the vehicles and boxes. We did hire a couple of "movers" to help with the process, but I have to say, they weren't too impressive. (One of the guys wiped his entire sweaty face off on one of my upholstered chairs, and THEN cut his finger and got blood all over the same chair....ugh.) Needless to say we were exhausted that evening, but since we had no fresh groceries, we decided to check out the downtown area for a yummy place to eat.

We found Brightleaf square, a historic downtown area that has lots of cute stores and restaurants with patio seating. We chose El Rodeo for a tasty mexican dinner, complete with mango and peach margaritas! It was such a fun evening, and it was a great ending to a long week.

The next day was Saturday, and we spent the day unpacking more, and then cooling off at the apartment pool! We celebrated my mom's birthday that evening by making margaritas and opening presents at the apartment. Then we headed to Chapel Hill for a wonderful birthday dinner at Acme.

Overall, the move went soooooo well, and we are very happy to be here in North Carolina! We are finally getting settled in, and it has been so fun to explore the area. Thanks again Mom and Dad for making the trip with us and for ALL your help. We love you!!

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Anonymous said...

love it em!!! love the pics!! I MISS YOU!