Monday, August 16, 2010

Easy Artwork

Ever since we've moved into our new little apartment, I have been searching for some artwork to put on one of the bare walls in our kitchen area. I searched on Etsy and Ebay, Target and bookstores, looking for something inexpensive and simple, but with color.

I wanted to have a few seperate art pieces, so I looked for a set of cute notecards that I could frame, or even old postcards. I knew I could always frame some black and white photography, but I wanted to add some color to the walls. I finally decided to go a different route, and stopped by the Joanne's fabric store. I found 3 swatches of colorful patterns that complimented eachother and took them home, thinking I could use the fabric as art.

I then got 4 frames that would hold 5x7 artwork at Michaels....I believe they were $8-$9 each.

After cutting the fabric swatches into 5x7 rectagles, I fit them into the frames, and arranged them on the wall! I am very happy with my little project, and I ended up spending about $36 total!


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Kendall Marie Bennett said...

i could spend hours on etsy!!!