Monday, March 21, 2011

Charleston Part 2

Finallllllly, I have uploaded my pictures from the second half of our wonderful trip to Charleston!
So I'll just start from where I left off.....
(click HERE for Part 1)

Tuesday night (our 2nd night), we decided to spook it up a little bit, by taking a haunted ghost and graveyard tour around downtown Charleston.  Leah joined us, as we wandered around several old cemeteries, buildings, and churches, while listening to many creepy ghost stories that have been around for years.  Some were really scary!  It was the perfect evening for it....dark, chilly, and the moon was full.  I would definitely recommend it to someone who had a free night there -- if anything it was just great to see a different side of the cheery, southern town of Charleston :) 

Scared pic!  Actually, this is kind of scary w/ that creepster behind us!  ;)

Wednesday, we had a very lazy morning, and headed downtown to Toast for a delicious brunch.  I had the Eggs Benedict, and John had the Cowboy Omelet.  Very tasty and fun!

It turned out to be a very pleasant day, so we had a lovely stroll through some neighborhoods around the water, and explored Battery Park.  
We even spotted a group of dolphins swimming by, AND Jason Castro (from American Idol!) on the Waterfront pier :)

More beautiful homes by Waterfront Park 

Next stop was the USS Yorktown (the Navy Aircraft Carrier that is docked in the Charleston Marina.)
My dad is a pilot, and spent many years in the Navy flying on and off of aircraft carriers, so this was really exciting for me and John to see.  So proud of my Dad!

We took a self-guided tour throughout the ship, and even got to explore the submarine that was docked there as well.  It it so unbelievable to imagine life on these vessels....not knowing where you were going, who might be trying to find you, and the reality that you might not ever be going home.  

All above pics are from inside the submarine.  

(Next up, inside the aircraft carrier)

After the USS Yorktown, we headed BACK to Poe's Tavern  for our last dinner!  I know, I know, you already saw that we ate here for lunch.  I'm telling you, it was THAT good.  We were craving those burgers and fish tacos again, and we thought.....we might as well go somewhere that we KNOW we will love! 

(I wish I could say that I am cool enough to just throw a "peace sign" up in my photos, but that is really just me saying this was our "2nd time" at Poe's!) 

Thursday morning, our last day, we headed off to the highly recommended hot spot, Hominy Grill, for the most amazing breakfast ever!  John and I are literally still talking about it, and I cannot wait to go back the next time we visit.  You MUST go here if you are ever in Charleston for breakfast.  

The BEST blackberry jam ever...

That's it!! For those of you still reading, thanks for checking out Part 2 of Charleston!!



Anonymous said...

OMG! That food looks delish! Ya'll had a ball!!!! Love the braid and blue gingham shirt!!! Johnny boy looks so cute!

bailey said...

Fun - I love Charleston! My dad was also a Navy pilot and deployed several times on carriers! - so cool you got to see some of the history :)

grace said...

so fun! makes me want to take a trip... right now!
cute pictures, thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

So glad you had a good trip here! :) I LOVE Hominy Grill - oh my goodness their breakfast and lunch are to die for! So glad you got to experience it! When I was pregnant we ate there at least once a week, haha!

Jamie said...

Great pictures! Charleston is such a fun town :)

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Tucker said...

mmmmm emmie, my mouth is watering!!! I want to go to charleston. right now!!

Meredith said...

I just got caught up on your blog. LOVE the title of your wedge post and love the lowdown on Chaleston. Cameron and I are going to have to make the trip ASAP!