Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love Letter to Anthro

Dear Anthropolgie's New Arrivals Section,

I heart you.  You are so beautiful and elegant, classic and chic.  Oh so wearable, and versatile.  I would absolutely love it if you would come visit my closet.  Pretty please?  You would be treated so nicely, and worn with only the best accessories.  And you could even hang on my new velvet hangers.
I promise to take good care of you. 
Please come soon, I can't stop day-dreaming about you.


You, I would pair with a silky floral dress, lots of bangles, and brown cork wedges.
Ahh, I've been loving yellow so much lately.  I would wear you a lot...mostly with distressed boyfriend jeans, a white tank, and leather flip flops.
This would be perfectly paired with dark skinny jeans, nude peep-toe heels,
and some fun bold earrings (either turquoise or coral.)
You could be a sassy dress, with patterned tights, gold jewelry,
and some tall black heels for a fancy dinner out on the town.
You are perfect.  I would wear you every day.  Small stud earrings, and a simple, dainty necklace would be just enough.
Strappy wedges, or espadrillas would complete the look.
Love these fun colors, and of course the stripes.
All we need is some white skinny jeans, a handful of bracelets, and some simple flats. 
Worn over a fun bikini, then paired with cut-off shorts and sandals.
Go-to beach/boating outfit.



Brittany said...

I looove all of these!!

Brittany said...
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Candice said...

These are just wonderful...can they please visit my closet too?? I love imagining the outfits you described!

Tucker said...

emmie - I'm in love now too! I don't think I'd ever take off that white blazer. i want everything anthro all the time (:

Eva Marie said...

I am so equally in love with all of the above.. :)

Kristen said...

i saw that blazer in anthro today! neeed it! love!

melissa said...

I die for Anthropologie. Love these!!!