Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Big Apple and Bronx Zoo

Hubs and I escaped to NYC for the weekend for his birthday last month, and I shared a little Instagram sneak peek of pics HERE.  
After finally uploading my camera, I thought I'd share a few more from the Big Apple adventure.
We had the best time - taking in some lovely sights....

:)  gotta love the naked cowboy.

We had a delicious, and oh-so-fattening lunch HERE...

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Shopped, walked, and explored Times Square....

Checked into our LOVELY hotel....

And spent the most beautiful and perfect day at the Bronx Zoo!

on the Wild Asia monorail :)

the now-famous Tiger!

red panda :)

the butterfly garden

seal smooches ;)

Such a wonderful weekend!  If you ever make it to the NYC area, be sure to visit the Bronx Zoo, and plan on spending an entire day there - it is truly amazing!


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Megan said...

I have never been to jealous! My friend just got back from there and loved it SO much!! Hopefully one day I'll get to go!!