Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Five

1. Fall Weather 
How amazing is this weather?!  Here in the Northeast (still can't believe I live here!), the cooler temperatures are here to stay, and I'm loving it.  Leaves are changing colors, falling from the trees, and the scarves and boots are on :)

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{morning walks around downtown Princeton}
pics via Instagram- emily8463

2. Fall Fashions
My new wool floppy hat!  Found it at Marshalls for just $14.99!  
And the perfect mustard sweater :)

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And this fashionista from Pinterest (it kind of looks like Megan to me!) inspired an recent outfit of mine!

{faux} fur

Mustard tunic, black leggings, and a faux fur vest!  LOVE!

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More mustard and faux fur, you ask??
Ok, fine.

I got this fun Zara vest from a consignment store with the tags still on :)  Originally $79 and got it for $24!  And I found these dark greek skinnies at H&M for only $12.95!  They have tons more colors too.

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(sweater, pants, booties, Zara vest)

I tweeted this outfit pic and one of my FAVORITE fashionistas tweeted me back! 
Day. Made.

3. Philly Cheese-steaks
My parents drove through last weekend for a quick visit and we spent the afternoon in Philadelphia - exploring, shopping, and eating!  We had the BEST philly cheese-steaks and Ruben sandwiches at the Reading Terminal Market!     

4. New Recipes
I had one of my best weeks of recipes last week - every meal was a HUGE hit with me and the hubs.  Here a few of the highlights :)

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Chicken Lettuce Wraps 
(recipe to come!)

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5. Target Loves
I've recently scored a few lovely treats from Tar-jay!  
This bright pink pullover has been a part of my weekly daily wardrobe.  I am so impressed with the quality and material of it - it reminds me so much of the Lululemon pullovers.

C9 by Champion® Women's Premium 1/4 Zip Jacket - Assorted Colors

Eeeeek - I'm so excited about these leather boots from Target!  I just ordered them yesterday, so I haven't received them yet.  But they are modeled after the Frye Harness boots, and I am a huge fan!  I believe they are only on the website, but at $60, shipping is free :)

What have been your highlights of the week??


Sophie said...

omgoodness! so jealous of you in autumn weather! all the leaves look so beautiful! x

erica said...

Loving the faux fur vest! I havent been able to find one yet. xx said...

Ok where do I begin?! I'm absolutely in love with your hat!! I'm so jealous because it's totally perfect lol and it looks beautiful on you! That fur vest was a total steal and the leggings from H&M mean that I need to go shopping now too! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo jen
Pearls and Lace

Liesl said...

This post makes me oh so happy on so many levels! LOVE each of your beautiful fall pictures! You look adorable in floppy hats, and what an affordable you rock the vests too, so stylish! Oh and now, I want a Philly cheese steak and lettuce wraps, which happen to be a love of mine! Yum!!! :)

Glitterista said...

I have the same pullover and have been wearing it nonstop! I may have to buy another color. ;)