Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY Sunburst Mirror

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I've been looking for a decorative piece to put above our bed for awhile, and after seeing some sunburst mirrors on Pinterest, I decided that I would try making my own!
Surely, it can't be that difficult right?

This DIY sunburst mirror project took just a few hours, and a few dollars ($7 to be exact) to make!  I already had the spray paint and wall fasteners.
Definitely a successful project - even for beginners. 

Materials needed:

Round mirror (I got the 7 inch size from Michaels)
Brass ring, optional (Again a 7 inch size from Michaels)
Skewers (I got a set of 100 from Target for $2)
Hot Glue Gun (and glue)
Mounting hook or fasteners
Spray Paint (I had a mini can of gold)


-Arrange skewers in desired pattern on back of mirror.  
You can either trim them to desired lengths, or just place them at varying distances from the center of the mirror. 

-Hot glue the skewers down and let dry.  You can do them all at one time, or a few at a time.  (To help the skewers stay in place while gluing, put magazines on them to hold them down.)

-Once dry, spray pain the front of the skewers (the side that you will see).  Be sure to cover the mirror part with newspaper or cloth.  I just did one coat of paint and let it dry.

-If you want the brass ring look, which makes the mirror have more dimension, attach it to the outside of the mirror with hot glue -it should just squeeze right over the edges of the mirror.

-To mount, cut out a 6 inch circle of cardboard and glue to the back of the mirror/skewers.  
Then attach mounting device (either hooks, poster or mounting strips).  

I should have taken step-by-step photos, but my camera was dead...so all I have is the final product!
Let me know if you have questions!
THIS tutorial was very helpful to me!



Crystal @MissCrystalMakeup said...

Great job! You would never know that didn't come from a store already like that. Love it!

Natalie said...

It looks expensive -- amazing job!

Glitterista said...

Looks great! :)

Sam said...

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