Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chalkboard Love

I have been recently dreaming of having a chalkboard wall in our apartment.  Maybe a section of the kitchen where I could make a list of grocery items to buy, recipes to try, or the menu for the week. 
Or in the office, there could be a chalkboard calendar of John's school schedule, and my work schedule.  (Although that would be depressing to have to look at,
because our schedules are completely opposite.)   
Maybe an inspiration chalkboard by the shower....
Doesn't everyone come up with the most amazing ideas, plans, and songs in the shower?
You could literally write down your thoughts and/or lyrics as they came to you! 

I've found a lot of chalkboard paint designs that have made me want to try a project. 
I could always start small, right?  :)
What do you think of chalkboard paint?  Would you try it?

I love this idea to paint the bottoms of plates and platters


Tucker said...

Love Chalkboard paint!! you've got to do it. i especially love it in the kitchen

Anonymous said...

Love all of these!

Caroline said...

i've done chalkboard paint for my girls on a little wall outside. it's cute and it works, but i have to say that it isnt as CLEAR as a regular chalkboard. it has a little bit of a white film on it! just fyi...