Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmy's- Fashion Recap

I know, I know, the Emmy's are all about the awards for best TV actress/actor, supporting actress, TV soundtrack, blah blah blah. 
Let's get on with what everyone is REALLY interested in...or at least what I'M watching it for.
The fashion :)

And here are my awards:

Nina Dobrev
How stunning is she?? At first I thought it was Samantha Harris (from DWTS), but then realized that it is the beautiful Vampire Diaries starlet, and she is only 22!?  Gorgeous, love the dress, love the hair, and love the makeup.
The choker is ok, wish it was a little bit looser on her neck.  But, still A+.

Best Red-Head:
Christina Hendricks
LOVING her in this gold, sparkly, figure-flattering number. Although, I kinda wish that the slit was up the back instead of the front.  John and I have been watching Mad Men religiously, and I really think that she is one of the most gorgeous women ever.  I love how she embraces her curves, I think it adds so much charisma and confidence.  And did you know she's not naturally a red-head?  She's been dying her naturally blonde tresses for over 20 years now. Crazy. 

Best in Black:
Glee's mean girl is looking fab in this modern cut black gown, and I think it fits her perfectly, and hugs in all the right places.  I love her updo and smoky makeup look, and the fact that she went very minimalistic on the jewelry. I think the dress's neckline is enough decoration.  Although, maybe a fun coctail ring??  A-

Best Color Choice:
Sofia Vergara
Ok, can we please talk about this woman's figure?  Seriously, it's perfection.  Love this color, it is definitely my favorite of the night.  Even though it was a red carpet, I think the coral actually looks ok with it!  Love the lines of this dress and the grecian feel it has.  She is stunning.  A

Best in Metallic:
Cat Deely
Oh, how I love this look.  Blonde flowing curls, tan skin, and a sparkly, sweetheart gown.
She could almost BE the Emmy statue that they are handing out to the winners.  Love the bead-work of the dress, and the flowy sheerness at the bottom.  It looks like this dress was just made for her. A.

Best Dressed Man:
Ian Somerhalder
Ummm, is he real?  No, seriously.
Love the classic black bow-tie suit...he could be a suit model, and a hair model, and a teeth model, and a eye model,
and OK I'm done. A+ 

What did you think??  Who was your BEST DRESSED? 


Fash Boulevard said...

wow. Nina looks incredible. Although I do think the dress is a little mature for her. At first glimpse I thought it was Eva Lagoria. adore this post. I hope you had a great weekend. I'd would love to hear what you think of my latest outfit post. Thanks love. xoxo

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Abigail's Place said...

I completely agree with all your winners!
Am loving Nina's dress, I wasn't a fan of the one she wore last year but this is stunning!
Great post.

Abigail x

Joelle said...

Your picks are spot on...especially with Nina Dobrev. She looks absolutely incredible!

Hope you're having a fabulous Monday my dear!