Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's Fancies - Game Day Chic

Happy Friday, loves!!  Hope you all have had a fabulous week!!  I started my new shift at work this, and have had a pretty relaxing past few days.  The weather dropped 25 degrees (!!) this morning, and it is the most perfect sweater/cozy slippers, and movie day.  And that is exactly what my day is about to consist of :)  Ahhhh, I love Fridays off!!  

Game Day

Ok, now on to FRIDAY'S FANCIES!!  This literally might be the most exciting FF ever, and I know you all are DYING to know why. But I'm not going to tell you yet.  You just have to wait......or scroll down immediately to find out.  So this FF theme is Game Day Chic, and I love it!  Last weekend was the 1st Duke football game, and it was sooooo much fun!!  

See, I told you it was fun!!  How gorgeous are my friends?!?  :)  It was a bit hotter that day, but now, I have a feeling that Duke hoodie from above is going to be the newest addition to my Football season wardrobe.  
In undergrad, we ONLY wore sassy dresses and heels to all the football games, so it is a nice/refreshing/more comfortable change being at Duke, where everyone is super casual.  So the above outfit is perfect in my mind, especially those cobalt  Paired w/ a comfy tee, fun bag, and cute flats, and we have ourselves a casual, but kinda chic, football ensemble :)

OKKKKKKK, it's time.  You all have been soooo patient!!  Well, those of you who didn't skip ahead...
Are you ready for this???  The darling and amazing {av} who is the mastermind behind FF (and one of my blogger crushes) is in MY city this weekend, and we are getting together for a double-date w/ our hubbies TONIGHT!  Are you jealous?  I am jealous of me.  Can't wait to blog next week about it!!  

For now, HAPPY WEEKEND!!  Go Blue Devils!!  


Annie said...

Ohhh you two gals have fun!

Meg {henninglove} said...

love it love it!! that bag is gorgeous and i love the casualness but awesomeness of this outfit, one of my favorites!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How fun! I hope you four have a great time :) I love meeting bloggin' buds in real life!

Great outfit! It's all about being comfy but cute at games, for me at least :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Blue Devils! I am a blue devils basketball fan, fam is from north carolina and we've picked out side lol. You ladies look fab and hope you have fun all season long!