Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Few Fall Finds

We got a little glimpse of fall weather this past weekend (although it's now back up in the 80's this week), and I got to break out my boots, and even put the seat warmers on in my car one morning.  I'm a little crazy, I know.  Hey, I'm a Florida girl! 

When I was younger and in grade-school, I never wanted summer to end.  But the beginning of fall meant back-to-school shopping with my mom, which I LOVED.  We spent hours picking out a few new trendy items (usually stirrup pants and Limited Too sweaters), and if I was lucky, a new pair of shoes, too.  Oh, and new school supplies (i.e. Lisa Frank folders, shiny erasers, and composition notebooks) were always so much fun to pick out.  Ahhhhh, I miss those good ole days. 

In honor of  the back-to-school work season, I was able to squeeze in a little fall shopping last week.
Here are a few of my lovely finds:
Old Navy Booties

H&M Cozy Knit Scarf
Bath and Body Works Candle - Salty Caramel

J.Crew Perfect Shirt in Gingham

Sally Hansen - Grey Area (a dark grey/egglplant color)

 Have you been Fall shopping yet??  How is the weather where you are??


Abigail's Place said...

Love fall posts!
Those boots are perfect for fall eith skinny's and a cosy junper!
Iv had candles burning lately, I think we might have skipped fall an got straight into winter already!

Abigail x

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

LOVE those booties!!and that salty caramel candle sounds heavenly!! and what a perfect fall statement: the gingham button down!!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Love that orange shirt! And I am getting the urge to break out my boots too! Yay!

Fit With Flash said...

i load up on candles this time of year! nothin like coming home and lighting a few different scents while you're prepping dinner or chillin out. : ) cute blog!

Elle Sees said...

Excellent picks, Lisa frank! Omg!