Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni Madness

So, not sure if y'all heard or not (hehe) but Missoni for Target launched today!!
I've been anticipating the arrival of this 400 piece collection for months now, and Missoni did not dissapoint.  

Apparently, Target.com did not prepare for the masses of Missoni fans, and they had a lot of technical difficulty for most of the day.  And after just a few hours, most items were already sold out online and in stores.

Thankfully, because of my new night shift at work, I was able to peruse the collection online as soon as it went live (around 4am Eastern time).  I seriously wanted everything, but ended up buying this cozy sweater and cute swim suit...I can't wait for them to come in next week!!

Then, on the way home from work (at 7:30am), I stopped by our local Target store, along with 40 other excited/crazy women, and got this scarf and these shoes:

People were literally ripping items of the racks/shelves...it was great practice for "Black Friday" that's coming up in just a couple of months!
I'm so excited about my new Missoni purchases!!  The quality seems really good, and the prices are great. 
I really loved a lot of the tableware, but I think it's just a little too modern for my taste, and for what we already have.  

Did y'all venture out into the Missoni madness?? Or were you able to shop online, before the site shut down??  Do tell!! :)


Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

By time I got around to looking online the site was down! I love the pieces you got!

Annie said...

I love your pieces! How great they'll be for fall!

I went to Target around lunch yesterday and they still had some things, I just wasn't into them. Wish I had known they had scarves and shoes though!

Abigail's Place said...

you are so lucky to have actually got some pieces i heard it was crazy!
but great purchases too, the cardigan looks so cosy!
i wish it would come to the UK!

Abigail x

Natalie said...

I was too late -- my store's sold out and the everything's sold out online. So crazy! I love your finds!