Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday, sweeties!!  I hope you all are having a wonderful week!  It's been a really weird week of weather here in NC, we had a beautiful sunny day on Monday, then it turned cooler, and today it's rainy and cold!  UGH.  I'm soooo ready for spring and summmmma. Aren't you??

Today, even though it's incredibly dreary outside, I'm thankful for a lot of things....
so I'll share them with you!

1. Perfecting my sweet potato fries -- and sharing them with my sweetie. 

2. Thankful that my neck is finally feeling better after a week of it being sooooo sore.  I don't know what I did to it, but I'm so thankful for my hubby warming up my "neck buddy" every time my face started to look like this....

3. Getting to go to the DUKE basketball game last night where they played (and BEAT!!) Temple!  Wahooo!  It was so much fun, and we had great "seats", although you NEVER sit down at a Duke game.  

(Below are 2 videos that are just a little taste of the game - it is always so loud in there!  I LOVE the energy!)
#1 Video is during a free throw (by a Duke player), the whole crowd raises their hands, and says "WHOOSH if the ball goes in.  And then we are telling this one obnoxious Temple fan to "Sit, Sit, Sit".
And yes, that is me cheering "Let's go Devils!" in the 2nd video...  hehe :)

4. Thankful for finding the perfect spring nail polish for my pedicure... (OPI - So hot it Berns) my new favorite nail salon! 

 5. Pairing my new toes w/ my new fun strappy wedges!!  

6. Booking a spring break trip with our dear friends (McKee and Courtney) to ASHEVILLE!

We will be staying in the cutest and coziest cabin, doing lots of hiking, exploring, grilling, hot-tubbing, relaxing, board-game playing, and visiting the largest home in America, the Biltmore!

7. And last but not least, I'm thankful for YOU, my lovely readers!  
Thank you for your love and your comments!  


Sophie said...

yummm your sweet potato chips look soo good! and and i love your wedges and that basketball game looks like so much fun ANDDDDD your trip to Asheville sounds amazing!! you lucky thing!

p.s glad your neck is getting better. you look adorable in that pic haha x

Emily said...

LOVE sweet potato fries, wish I knew how to make them myself!!! Also, love that OPI color, i may look for that when i go for my next pedi :)

Jamie said...

Your new shoes are too cute!

The Biltmore is so pretty and lots of fun :) I know y'all will have a great time!

Savannah said...

1. your nails are killer! LOVE that color
2. LOVE Duke! So jealous you got to go to the game :)