Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sun, Sand, and Hurricane Isaac

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to go home to sunny Florida, while hubs took a business trip to India.  I was so excited to see my family, my bestie, and of course stick my toes in the sand!  
I hadn't been home in a year - and I had missed it terribly.  Little did I know that a small storm named "Isaac" was brewing in the gulf just waiting for my arrival....

After spending 1/2 the day on the train and in the air, I was treated like a princess by my sweet mom who had made this "welcome home" basket for me!

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My first night, we celebrated my bestie's birthday at one of my favorite restaurants, Global Grill.  It was SUCH a fun night - spent with some of my dearest friends :)
Happy bday Ash!!  

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The next day, it was the most perfect beach day you could ask for!!  
My fam and I had a blast swimming, snorkeling, having a picnic lunch, bike riding, and enjoying the beautiful day.

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For dinner that night, we headed out to my #1 favorite restaurant in Pensacola, The Fish House.  The best food - the best view.  Period.

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Then, we learned that Hurricane Isaac might be headed our way :( 
We spent the next 2 days preparing for the storm, stocking up on water and food, and sending my Dad out to evacuate Navy planes to Oklahoma.  

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isn't he the cutest?!  ;)

Although the bad weather was said to be approaching, my mom and I snuck in one more blissful day at the beach - the calm before the storm.  It was so relaxing and gorgeous - you couldn't believe that a hurricane was on it's way. 

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Well, the hurricane did come, but ended up turning towards Louisiana, instead of Florida.  
We had strong winds and rain for a day or two, but we were definitely spared. 
My thoughts and prayers do go out to the families affected by the storm.

When the weather calmed down a bit, my mom and I did a little shopping - a mini haul is coming soon!  We hit up the mall, TJ Maxx, and a few local boutiques.
I got this bow bracelet from TJ's -- in LOVE!

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We also made a trip to my favorite bakery....

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...and visited my sweet grandpa down in Boggy Bayou for the day.

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It really ended up to be the most wonderful trip!!  I was so happy to see my family, and friends that I hadn't seen in ages!!

Can't wait for my next trip home -- hopefully hubs will come with me next time!! 



Jayme and Mendi said...

Love this post! Your mom is the sweetest to make you that basket! Looks like a wonderful trip. Definitely hope you get there soon with your hubby!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

BTW - your grandpa is the cutest!!

Caitlin C. said...

I love the picture of the sand dollar! And your mom is the SWEETEST for making you that basket... it's huge! Glad you had a good trip :)

Shannon said...

love love love pensacola. we have family there and travel there often. definitely going to have to try out some of these restaurants you mention...haven't been to either of them!

looks like y'all had such a nice time!

Anonymous said...

Obsessed! Miss you!

Bethany Vaughan said...

How funny- I was visiting friends in Pensecola that week! I must admit, I was looking forward to living through a hurricane.
Xo, Bethany